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Deer Feed and Attractant For Hunters

Mass Production deer feed & attractant  is ONE POWERFUL ATTRACTANT! Never before has an attractant had such a nutritional benefit for deer. Over 100 ingredients giving deer the minerals & vitamins, along with NON-GMO Whole grains with an irresistible aroma. Mass Production supplies hunters with a strategically designed 10lb carry in bag. Ideal for trail cam photos to start your hit list! Great for bait states that allow hunting over attractants. And supplying superior nutrition to your deer herd. At the end of the day it boils down to what deer are going to eat, what deer are going to return to & does it give the hunter an  advantage.

Mass Production Offers Big Results

Mass Production Offers Big Results

Mass Production has proven to achieve all levels of these concerns. Not only will deer source out this attractant, they will continue to revisit the site for the rich minerals absorbed into the ground. It keeps working well after feed has been consumed. For the first time in this industry one formula is available to hunters that also is used on the top breeder farms in the country. At Panther Outdoors we felt this was missing from the hunting world, and we take great pride in building the most nutritional food source available offering it to the hunter too! Mass Production has a strong fruit & acorn aroma that is irresistible to deer. Giving hunters the edge on finding or harvesting that buck of a lifetime.

Panther Outdoors also offers MASS PRO ATTRACTANT & BOOSTER, the aroma of Mass Production in a 2oz. Spray bottle. Use alone on brush, leaves & sent wicks. Or just a few pumps on the feed to increase attractant power. Mass Production is a complete program developed for deer & hunters to complete the full circle of attracting, building & harvesting deer! Also attracts : ELK, BEAR, TURKEY & HOG.

From a Hunters Perspective

From a Hunters Perspective

Last year I was looking for a deer feed and mineral to help the deer in my area make it through the winter. I stumbled upon Mass Production and their product while researching different options in the industry. I was intrigued by the white acorn formula and bought a few small bags to test the reaction of the deer on our property.

The first bag or two, the deer were hesitant to approach, but soon they realized it was safe to eat and would not stay away. Sometimes even coming in just minutes after placing. This deer feed and attractant has done wonders for the deer on our property, not only have we had great luck in attracting the deer to the areas we want, but more importantly the health and mass these deer have placed on them is remarkable.  I have bigger healthier deer now and feel confident the deer will have a better chance through our tough winters.

Combining the feed and attractant with the spray, I now can spray out some scent during the actual season legally. Its amusing to watch the deer come running once they get a whiff of the scent. They even go as far as licking the air and trees around our stand, where before a 60yd shot would of been nice, they tend to be under the 10 yard mark now.  I would definitely recommend anyone to try this out on their property, even if it is a few bags, its worth the little cost to see what your deer do.

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Mass Production Deer Feed & Attractant is the only deer feed brand using NON-GMO grains. Mass Production is Glyphosate free, the active ingredient in Monsantos Round Up Herbicide. Glyphosate reduces the availability of Manganese-an element necessary for the function of Calcium and Phosphorus.