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Deer Feed For Breeders

Mass Production deer feed is the most unique formula ever created for deer. Over one hundred ingredients articulated to achieve outstanding results for breeders. This powerful concept has proven to be a game changer for building healthier deer. Once deer have been conditioned on mass production, approximately 2 to 4 weeks, the results start coming in. On average, your herd will level out at 2.5 pounds per head, per day. On consumption rates, when deer are nutritionally satisfied they stop eating.

Powering up Your Deer

Powering up Your Deer

That's when the magic starts. Mass Production safely alters the stomach for more and faster absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream. No extra probotics or toppers are needed. This formula has the power! Powering up protein levels over 20%, fat levels over 15%, and burning carbohydrates around 40%. All of these over 90% digestible. Mass production has the vitamins and minerals deer require, also providing D-worming and parasite killing technology, keeping stress levels down!

Adding our white oak acorn flavor and this becomes one of the best all-around feeds out there. Whether you’re a property manager or a deer breeder, Mass Production is perfect for your needs. Hunters can feed Mass Production to keep deer in their core area. This makes it easy to put food on the table and that trophy on the wall. Panther Outdoors is proud to bring this product to life and just one try, the results speak for themselves.

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The NON-GMO Formula

Mass Production Deer Feed & Attractant is the only deer feed brand using NON-GMO grains. Mass Production is Glyphosate free, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Round Up Herbicide. Glyphosate reduces the availability of Manganese-an element necessary for the function of Calcium and Phosphorus.

Glyphosate ties up:

  • Manganese (MN)
  • Selenium (Se)
  • Calcium (CA)
  • Copper (Cu)
  • Iron (Fe)
  • Zinc (ZN)
  • Potassium (K)
  • Magnesium (Mg)
  • Nitrogen (N)
  • Nickel (Ni)
  • Cobalt (CO)
Mass Production Deer Feed - GUARANTEED ANALYSIS:*

Mass Production Deer Feed - GUARANTEED ANALYSIS:*

Crude Protein - Min 20%
Crude Fat - Min 15%
Crude Fiber - Max 14%
Carbohydrates - Min 35%
Moisture - Max 8%
Ash - Max 3%
Calcium - Max 1100 mg
Calcium - Min 1000 mg
Iron - Min 5 mg
Magnesium - Min 110 mg
Phosphorus - Min 500 mg
Potassium - Min 1200 mg
Sodium - Max 25 mg
Selenium - Min 100 mg
Vit. A: IU/1/2 lb. 1100 IU
Vit. D: IU/1/2 lb. 1100 IU
Vit. E: IU/1/2 lb. 1.1 IU
Vit. K: IU/1/2 lb. 0.15 IU

*Values based on 8 ozs. per proximate intake.
Analysis provided by O A Labs & Research Inc 4717 Shadeland Ave Indianapolis, IN 46226

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Feeding Directions:
Feed deer in their natural habitat: Pour directly on ground or use cast/protein feeders.


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Designed Specifically for Deer

Designed Specifically for Deer

Glyphosate is toxic to beneficial soil organisms which are needed to facilitate nutrient access, availability, or absorption of nutrients. When a Glyphosate contaminated plant is digested, the Glyphosate matrix present in the plant is released into the gut and ties-up (Chelates) the minerals in the feed ration. Most of the feed & attractant brands on the market today are using GE (genetically engineered) grains, which contain Glyphosate. Mass Production is a very unique and specially developed product designed for deer. This animal thrives for the digestibility of the food & minerals it consumes. Mass Production is highly digestible. Mass Production also safely alters the stomach for more and faster absorption of the nutrients into the blood stream.

Mass Production has special de-worming & parasite killing technology aiding to the overall health of the deer. Mass Production will also attack the Glyphosate matrix when the animal consumes other food sources contaminated with Glyphosate. Mass Production automatically utilizes the contaminated nutrition breaking it down for mineral absorption into the bloodstream. Releasing the minerals that would have been tied-up in the gut form the contaminated food source consumed. This concept is a bold jump forward in the approach for attraction & building deer. This formula covers everyone from the hunter to the breeder and is proving to be the most nutritional food source available. Panther Outdoors is proud to offer this product on the market.

With over 100 ingredients Mass Production will revolutionize the way we attract and feed deer in this country. Everything needed in one formula, in one bag, for every situation. If you are not using NON-GMO grain, you are minimizing the results on your deer. Mass Production is the future of attracting and feeding deer.

Mass Production achieves excellent body conditioning on bucks and doe, better fawn weights, antler growth, less sickness, and overall herd health begins. Less feed, providing better results, giving you bigger bucks and healthier doe. Mass Production is the missing link. For more information and breeder pricing, please contact or call 317-691-4243.

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Mass Production Deer Feed & Attractant is the only deer feed brand using NON-GMO grains. Mass Production is Glyphosate free, the active ingredient in Monsantos Round Up Herbicide. Glyphosate reduces the availability of Manganese-an element necessary for the function of Calcium and Phosphorus.