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About Panther Outdoors

We are the manufacturer of these amazing new products. At Panther Outdoors we decided to fill the gap that has been missing from both the hunting & breeding world as far as attracting & building deer.

Why couldn't a hunter use an attractant that has a huge nutritional power & huge attracting power at the same time? Why couldn't a breeder feed his deer the highest level of digestible nutrition providing the vitamins and minerals deer require giving them the best results they strive for?

The answer is that know one combined both attracting & building deer at high levels in the same formula. They kept the two most important things apart. They offered good attractants & good feed, but not together! UNTIL NOW, Mass Production is the best of both concepts in one formula at its highest level. In fact, Mass Production Deer Feed is such a nutritional power house, that we cut consumption rates in half on the breeders farms! Less feed with better results providing healthier doe & bigger bucks! Panther Outdoors has created an incredible new approach for attracting & building deer.

Mass Production has so many state of the art concepts working in one formula to achieve the highest levels of success! Panther Outdoors has created a game changer in the industry and we pledge to stay ahead of the game and continue to offer you the best developed products for the MAJESTICAL WHITETAILED DEER!

Harold Hill

Panther Outdoors is a company created by owner Harold Hill. A long time hunter and business man whose desire was to create a company that could bring new and innovative products to the market. Reaching out he has put together some of the best hunting and outdoorsman he could find. As a group we work hard on testing and proving our products. Panther Outdoors is based in Zionsville, IN with connection’s in Texas. Hunting these two states and testing our products, we are now ready to spread the knowledge we have obtained to the rest of the country. We believe that we have created products that will make a difference for deer and turkey hunting. Panther Outdoors is a company made up of hunters for hunters. Our goal is to bring real products to real hunters for real results!

Coby Conrad

Coby has a trade skill background in construction. Carpentry and Well-Drilling are his professions. Coby is a long time hunter and has a great passion for the outdoors. A few years ago Coby was involved in a job related accident, losing a portion of his right leg. After extensive therapy and rehabilitation he is back in action with the use of a modern day prosthetic. With the pain and depression that set in, from the loss of his leg, in Coby’s own words, “My desire to return to the woods saved my life.” So whether he is climbing up a tree in his Summit Climber or Still Hunting the creek bottoms and timber. Coby is back doing what he loves. We are proud to have Coby Conrad on our team. A man like this should inspire us all.

Tom Decker

Tom is a long time hunting partner of owner Harold Hill. Together they have put the tag on many animals. They believe that a hunters best lesson, is a mistake as long as they learn from it.  We welcome Tom Decker to the Panther Outdoors Team.

Tom plays a vital roll in the quality controll of manufacturing Mass Production deer feed. He has developed a great passion for making sure that this premium blend meets the high standard of our powerful ingredients. Personally guaranteeing Top quality feed.


Mass Production Deer Feed & Attractant is the only deer feed brand using NON-GMO grains. Mass Production is Glyphosate free, the active ingredient in Monsantos Round Up Herbicide. Glyphosate reduces the availability of Manganese-an element necessary for the function of Calcium and Phosphorus.