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Panther Outdoors - Real Products for Real Hunters


Panther Outdoors are the proud developers of MASS PRODUCTION DEER FEED & ATTRACTANT  and MASS PRO spray. We take great pride in creating amazing products for Whitetail nutrition & attraction. One formula covers everyone from the HUNTERS, LAND MANAGEMENT & DEER BREEDERS. Proving to be a rock solid attractant & the MOST NUTRITIONAL food source available. Panther outdoors will revolutionize the way we attract & feed deer in this country! Based in Zionsville, Indiana.

We are a company dedicated to bringing new and innovative products to the hunting world. Panther Outdoors is a company made up of hunters for hunters! Taking pride in our company and have brought new concepts to life. Our goal is to bring real products to real hunters for real results!

Check Out what Aaron's Son From HornStars Outdoors Shot

Junior Pro Staffer Kaeden Pruitt, making a great shot on this Big Nine Pointer, he was just cruising through a opening, and the Mass Production stopped him before he made it out of the opening, fed for over 15 min before he got a good shot, thank you Panther Outdoors for having a amazing product that works. Made for one happy Nine y/o hunter, Mass Production is a " Killer Diet"!
Pruitt, Hunt Hard 365

The Video Proof That Mass Production Works!


Mass Production Deer Feed & Attractant is the only deer feed brand using NON-GMO grains. Mass Production is Glyphosate free, the active ingredient in Monsantos Round Up Herbicide. Glyphosate reduces the availability of Manganese-an element necessary for the function of Calcium and Phosphorus.